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Plank HQ


You ready for that burn? That sweaty line between I'm killing it & I'm dying? 

That boom shakalaka ready to take on the world feeling? You have come to the right place. 

Our high intensity Reformer Pilates + HIIT Fitness classes will crush calories, improve strength & stamina, align your posture all while working to lengthen & tone those muscles. Not to mention, that killer body you will be

strutting out of PLANK HQ with. 


PLANK HQ is so much more than just a workout. Yes, you’ll leave the studio with your whole body feeling that burn, but you’ll also be walking out our door with a certain glow to you. 

At PLANK HQ we have an incredible combination of inspirational instructors, music pumping, and personal limit pushing that sets us apart. You’ll have that boom-shakalaka, spring in your step confidence to carry with you and keep rocking it out in the world.

Reformer Pilates


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