You ready for that burn? That sweaty line between I'm killing it & I'm dying? 

That boom shakalaka ready to take on the world feeling? You have come to the right place. 

Our 50 minute HIGH INTENSITY full body Reformer Pilates class will crush calories, improve strength & posture all while working to lengthen & tone those muscles. Not to mention, that killer booty you will be

strutting out of PLANK HQ with. 


PLANK HQ is so much more than just a workout. Yes, you’ll leave the studio with your whole body feeling that burn, but you’ll also be walking out our door with a certain glow to you. 

At PLANK HQ we have an incredible combination of inspirational instructors, music pumping, and personal limit pushing that sets us apart. You’ll have that boom-shakalaka, spring in your step confidence to carry with you and keep rocking it out in the world.



Get ready to Lunge, Pike, Crunch, Twist & take PLANKing to a whole new level. Our classes are done on Reformer Pilate machines for a more intense & dynamic workout which adds resistance of weighted springs that will result in constant killer core engagement. 

This workout activates your slow-twitch muscle fibers, leading to the lean & toned muscles you are looking for, not to mention the enormous amount of calories you’ll be burning each session. You will be taken out of your comfort zone while you BURN SWEAT LAUGH & LOVE. 


Our boutique studio is the perfect place to get inspired, empowered & positively energized.

Our class sizes are small with a maximum of 10 clients per class which allows your trainer to watch technique and correct alignment. You will receive personal attention from our PLANK HQ instructors insuring you get the best out of each workout.


Try out our different classes Pilates, Beginner Pilates, Advanced Pilates, Box/Pilates, Bootcamp,

Circuit Pilates & Feel Good Pilates to get the ultimate PLANK HQ experience. 


We have energetic qualified and experienced instructors at PLANK HQ and not to mention the owner and founder - Yandell Davis will be operating and teaching every day so you can start

achieving your overall fitness goals.